VA Starter Pack

Hiring an offshore VA can be a highly rewarding step to take as your business grows. 

It’s a smart way to expand your team to release you from low level tasks, but it can also give you access to highly skilled talent in an affordable way. 

Employing offshore creates wins for everybody involved. It gives you high quality staffing options without breaking the bank, and it gives the assistant themselves the opportunity to engage in professional global practice whilst enjoying financial stability and career advancement.

What you'll get from this course

  • Develop systems for communication which put everyone on the same page with expectations
  • Communicate the values and culture of your business as the foundation of all operations
  • Provide your VA with seamless access to all your systems 
  • Introduce systematic ways of working to promote efficient performance from the start 
  • Construct your own customised system for expanding your remote team
  • Provide your new offsite workers with everything they need for a smooth start 

Course Curriculum

Session 1.0: Getting Your VA Started

  • Hiring Across Time, Space & Cultures
  • Key Ingredients Of Success
  • Giving System Access

Session 2.0: Your Business Culture

  • The "Way" Your Business Works
  • Guidelines For Excellent Performance
  • Clarifying Cultural Expectations

Session 3.0: Clarifying Expectations

  • Aligning The Goals You Share With Your VA
  • Creating Well Supported Tasks
  • Setting Up For Accountability

Session 4.0: Managing Business Files

  • Organising Your Filing Structure
  • Cleaning Out Your Current Files
  • Training Your VA In Your Filing System

What's in the box?

Meet Your VA Starter Coach

Hi there!

My name is Kerry Anne Nelson and I'm know for my obsession with making workplaces run smoothly.  My community wasn't surprised when I made this my core business.  I must admit that I almost broke when my husband passed away unexpectedly. I was left to salvage the business we ran together without any formal processes in place. It took 18 months, but I cleaned house and turned that business around to sell it for a nice profit.

Since then, I have become Australia's most passionate advocate for systemising businesses.  My clients have accelerated their achievements of their business goals by leveraging my decades of experience in growing my own companies.  

Here we roll up our sleeves to set you up with simple systems and processes for your virtual assistant. The plan is to accelerate the journey you take with your VA to achieve smooth efficiency and quality outut from your remote worker as quickly as possible. 

Mistakes, double-handling and time wasting will be eliminated from your experience altogether with the short, sharp action steps in this course. 

Ready to fast-forward the growth of your business by expaniding your team?  Let's get to work!

[email protected]

A System That Works For Everyone

"I am a pretty organised and systems focused person.  I had recently overhauled the way things run and I thought I had all my systems sorted. Then I got a new team member and quickly discovered that what had worked for me didn’t work nearly as well for a team. Then I went through all the steps of the course, and now I’m well on the way to a system that works for everyone not just me. Thank you Kerry Anne! "

Brenda Thomson
The Better Business for Good Company